C plums


From June to October we produce approximately 7,600 tonnes of plums with the seal of Landfruit


SUPERPOWERS (or why eating plums)


From June to September we can enjoy one of the most exquisite, sweet and juicy fruit. The ideal healthy food for the summer: the plum.

This fruit is pure health for our body and, in particular, to our digestive tract. Eat plums is to say goodbye to constipation and digestive regulation problems.

A simple Plum has vitamin E, A and C, which makes it a fabulous pill natural anti-aging and antioxidant. But his superpowers are even higher and have form of minerals such as potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium. Together they help improve depressive States and anemias and are especially recommended for slimming diets, their amounts of minerals and fibers and its cleansing properties.